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Monday, August 27, 2012

Here We Go Again (Isaac Edition)

Well, great. Just great. Here we go again. I guess four years without a visit from Uncle Hurricane spoiled us because it looks like we're in for it. Pray for our state and coast, and hopefully this thing will just blow itself out before it gets here. I would rather only be able to count the number of top 20 most costly natural disasters I've been through on one hand. Add another, and it will take two. Considering I am only thirty, that kind of sucks, but that's everybody here in the boot. I also don't like how this one has a Biblical name. It sounds like judgment or something, or like one of The Children of the Corn, except in Extreme Weather Edition. Get that knife away from me Isaac, you're freaking me out!
Gas is already out everywhere, but thankfully we already filled up and stocked up on batteries (got the last pack of D's at Wall's Mart!).
Anyway, tallyho or something. Catch you later.


Stephanie said...

Stay safe!! (And cool!) (Cool as in not hot. Not as in hip.) (Just to clarify.) We'll be praying for you guys! It's killing Charlie that he's going to miss it!

Ris said...

Ohhh noooooo I couldn't find D battries anywhere for da herricane!!