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Friday, August 10, 2012

Man, I Really Like The Dingees/Man, What the Heck Tyrann Matheiu/Man, I Don't Want to Stop Blogging

As I sit here pondering my life and all the changes I am facing, I am really happy with the last set of reviews I got to complete. While I enjoyed some of the Dingees work before, going back and examining their catalogue has revealed a band of surprising depth, skill, and attitude. Their first two albums are good fun, but their second two are on a whole nother level. That means if you want to relax your mind, their music works, but if you want to expand it, their music works just as well. I wish our star defensive back would have realized that music is the best drug.
RIP Honey Badger. Seriously, dude, how did you not learn your lesson last year? If you do drugs, you're not gonna play. And if it wasn't drugs, then whatever you did, I'm sure you knew you weren't supposed to do it. I know you come from a troubled background and all, but you had a chance at a brighter future than about 99% of the population of the rest of the planet. You would have never had to worry about money. You know who has to worry about money?
Me! And I have to worry about how to feed, clothe, and house my wife and my kid. Through the process, it would be nice to not have to quit blogging. The links I have been picking up recently have been giving me more excellent traffic than I can remember. I'd hate to stop now, even if I don't have any free time or money. My plan is to keep trying, despite the fact that I'll be going back to sporadic posting most likely, instead of daily. I really wanted to break 200 posts this year, 150 of which would be reviews. Guess we'll see. In the meanwhile, I've got to go fight Darth Vader or something.

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