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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Dismemberment Plan/Juno -- Juno & The Dismemberment Plan


I almost forgot to review this EP, which I guess doesn't say much for it. Rock bands, The Dismemberment Plan and Juno, each turn in an original and a cover song. "The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich" sounds like the kind of song the band could write in their sleep. It's goofy fun, and not meant to be anything more. Juno's original, "Non-Equivalents," is pretty good, and their cover of DJ Shadow's "High Noon" (Remember DJ Shadow? I do not remember DJ Shadow) is decent, but kind of pales after their hard-rocking original.
The final track and easy standout is The Dismemberment Plan's cover of that horrible Jennifer Paige song from that horrible year of music. Man, even horrible stuff from the 90's makes me miss the 90's.
"Crush" (seriously, that year had some terrible music) as done by The Dismemberment Plan becomes a slow, dire, downer of a song. I can't help but laugh every time Travis Morrison works his way to the chorus, transforming the line "It's just a little crush" into the most depressing outcome possible. Few people actually understand what irony means, but the humor inherent in seeing that The Dismemberment Plan is going to cover "Crush," and actually hearing their cover is quite exquisite. So is talking about something that is funny with smug, pithless language, then doing it again in order to highlight that you are doing it.

And then the EP is over, fifteen minutes well spent, but most likely not often repeated often.

2001 DeSoto Records
1. The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich 2:22
2. Non-Equivalents 3:26
3. High Noon (DJ Shadow) 3:46
4. Crush (Jennifer Paige) 6:14

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