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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The New Project 86 Might Be the Best Album of the Year, and You Are Doing Yourself A Disservice If You Do Not Listen To It, So Click the Link Below And Do It Now, Because If You Don't Nothing Will Happen, But It Would Be Sad If You Never Listened To It, But You Probably Should, Unless You Don't Like Rock Music, In Which Case, What Do You Like, You Crazy Person? Also, Should That Sentence Have Ended In A Question Mark and Had So Many Commas?

That's about it. Think I said everything I wanted to say in the title.


buck09 said...

Like I mentioned on decoy, I never got into this band, but did go and get this album. It is very good. It won't be in my best albums of the year list, but it was pretty damn good. I'll have to re-listen to it a few more times I guess. This year has been insanely busy as far as music listening goes. I've got about 600 new albums under my belt new and old, so I am a little scatterbrained on which ones are truly the best and which ones are forgettable, cause I actually have to be reminded about some of the really good ones, cause I forgot about them after seeking out other new albums. Been really into the bluesy, psychedelic/stoner rock this year.

Nicholas said...

Glad you liked it, man.
The crazy thing is, not that long ago barely 600 albums came out in a year. Now you get 600 in just a few genres. The proliferation of recorded music these days is nuts! I think that's had a far larger effect on music sales than downloading.