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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Births in America Are Down...AND THAT IS A GOOD THING!!!

Why do we act like this is a bad thing? Why is this reported in such a fashion? The main problem facing our entire planet today is overpopulation, and the tax on our finite resources. So why do we lament birth rates going down? Birth rates going down is exactly what we want! This is not a negative! This is ideal! It is time to start reporting this with joy!!!
If the world is going to survive, people have to have less children. This is a simple fact. Anyone who understands exponentiation should understand this. If you don't, I'll break it down for you. Two people have four kids. That equals four more people. If each of the four kids has four kids, that equals sixteen people. If each of the sixteen people has four kids, that equals 64 people. If each of the 64 people has four kids, that's 256 people! The Earth isn't growing. It is always going to be 510,072,000 square kilometers. It is always only going to be able to produce what 510,072,000 square kilometers can produce(and actually far less than that, as 71% is water). If the Earth is going to survive, there is only one solution:
Sorry, this really upsets me. Actually, I'm not sorry. Expect to hear me rant about this again.


Jessica said...

*ahem* You're welcome. ;~)

On the more serious side, I completely agree with you, as you know. I know some countries in Europe have created incentives to try to get people to have babies due to the negative population growth (can we even call it that? population dearth?). However, I think that we can't go wrong by working toward decreasing the overgrowth and trying to strengthen and vigorously help the population we already do have (that we already can't really support, children or adults).

Nicholas said...

Thank you! :)
As usual, your summation gets the job done more than my rambling.
Also, I cracked up right when I saw that you commented because I just finished rescuing Crystal from a lizard, and I thought of the countless spider-rescue stories Neal has told me where of course you were really brave, and not scared of the spider at all.

buck09 said...

I agree whole-heartedly. Preaching to the choir. Haha.

buck09 said...

Love the Isaac Hayes drops towards the end of that video. Carolla for president. Hahaha, sorry if you're not a fan.

Nicholas said...

So Bucky, I have a personal question for you...are you actually Adam Corolla? Haha! Dude, I completely agree with his free vasectomy idea. If there is a feasible way to do it, it needs to be done.

buck09 said...

I'm in the market for one right now, and it chaps my hide that insurance companies don't even cover it. Its the most asinine thing I've ever heard of. I think it boils down to religious un-freedom or something. No logical reason for an insurance company not to cover them. Same goes with birth control, hand that shit out, we need a few mill to die off to get this population to a sustainable level. Haha

Jessica said...

I'm going to go all female on you guys, but be glad that a doctor is willing to perform a permanent solution on you. Look up information on childfree women and tubal ligations and/or Essure to hear horror stories of women who have made up their minds only to discover doctors won't perform the procedures. It's ridiculous, and even women into their 30s or 40s are often denied this by doctor, because they might change their minds. (Nevermind the parents who have kids and change their minds. Look up the Nevada drop-off law before it was rewritten for an eye-opener.) Statistics show that very few women who have a permanent procedure regret it.

Sometimes I wished I lived somewhere like Iceland that only requires a doctor to give a woman information on how permanent the procedure is, ask her several times if she's sure, and then are required to perform it if she still wishes to have it (if she is over the age of 25). I've known since I was seven years old that I wouldn't have children, but that isn't apparently enough time to make up my own mind about things (my biological clock must not have started ticking yet, according to some doctors, so how do I know for sure?) Luckily, men don't usually have to go through all of that to get the vasectomy (and some don't even need their partner's okay in matters, although every woman I've heard about or talked to about this has been asked if her husband would sign off on the procedure -- even if she didn't have a husband). Also, the risk of regret becomes smaller and smaller as both men and women age. I do not see a problem with the 25 age limit in Iceland, as the "regret rate" from various studies is anywhere from <1% to 25%, but the biggest indicator of regret is a young age when a women (or her spouse) was sterilized. (For more reliable information on regret and sterilization, check or

Some insurance companies do cover it, just as they cover birth control. However, I'd dare to say that more insurance companies probably cover Viagra than those two items.

*deep breath* Geez, guys. I just came here to say "What spider rescue stories? I don't know what you're talking about," but then I kind of got caught up in something else... (You can't tell that I've had this discussion many times in arguing for better health care and more respect for women's choices in reproductive rights beyond abortion, can you? Between this issue and mental health issues, I am a raging ball of health activist! ;~) )

Nicholas said...

Every word you said. Awesome.

Neal said...

Someone, somewhere, may have told me that some insurance companies do cover vasectomies. Someone told me this. ...someone.

That makes sense to me, actually, since it's cheaper and easier to do. Some health companies covering Viagra makes less sense to me. None, really, especially since glasses are rarely covered by health care and I think being able to see is just a LITTLE important, you know?