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Monday, October 22, 2012

Echo and the Bunnymen -- Songs to Learn and Sing


(This was actually released before the previously reviewed album. I messed up. Sorry.)
Considering how well-crafted their albums are, one doesn't generally think of Echo and the Bunnymen as a "singles" band, but Songs to Learn and Sing proves they could be just that. Every single the band released from their inception to 1985 is included here in chronological order. While these songs come nowhere close to betraying the full scope of The Bunnymen's talents, their shining songwriting skills are on full display. There's at least one song from each of the band's first four albums, plus two early singles not found on their British debut. Their shining jewel in this crown, though, is "Bring On the Dancing Horses," orginally recorded for the Molly Ringwold-starring Pretty In Pink. It's what I like to call "timeless 80's," in that it's a comforting reminder of that decade's musical strengths, while not containing any of its tainting cheese. While "Bring On the Dancing Horses" is on Pretty In Pink's soundtrack, it's not actually in the film, and I am just going to go ahead and blame Jon Cryer, because 2.5 Men is a terrible show, and his house cost way more than a million dollars.

Sorry, Cryer.

1985 Korova Sire
1. Rescue 3:46
2. The Puppet 3:05
3. Do It Clean 2:43
4. A Promise 3:40
5. The Back of Love 3:13
6. The Cutter 3:55
7. Never Stop 3:29
8. The Killing Moon 5:46
9. Silver 3:17
10. Seven Seas 3:19
11. Bring On the Dancing Horses 3:56

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