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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Eisley -- Laughing City


My KLSU co-host was 17, and I was 22. I wasn't about to ask her out until she was legal. I don't know why she had to skip a grade and come to college early. I guess she is just impatient. Unfortunately, she didn't realize she wasn't supposed to go get another boyfriend while I was waiting, so when the day of legality came, I was stuck in a dark, late-night DJ booth with a really hot, really taken 18-year old. One day, I made an on-air comment that the ladies in the band Eisley were attractive. One was older than me, one about the same age, and one the same age as my co-host. On-air, my co-host jokingly called me a "pedophile." This sent me into an off-air rage. If I was really a pedophile, I would have tried to pick up my underage co-host, not wait until she was the state-mandated age to date me! How dare she call me that when she was making me miserable by being not single in my presence! That was the first fight of many, and nine years and one kid later, we can still argue about just about anything. One thing we can always agree on, though: Eisley is a really great band.
Just not on this debut E.P., Laughing City, where they simply sound like a slightly mopey, girl-fronted rock band with a few decent songs. Like my co-host's and my relationship at that time (she didn't talk to me off-air for about a month after that scrap), Eisley was still pretty young and immature in 2003, but you can already sense the burgeoning maturity and greatness to come in the complexity and loveliness of some of their melodies. Even when they were being big stupidheads.

2003 Record Collection Music
1. I Wasn't Prepared 3:33
2. Telescope Eyes 3:36
3. Tree Tops 4:20
4. Over the Mountains 3:53
5. Laughing City 3:32

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