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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I don't know about you, but I need this music right now more than ever. No good thing ever dies.


Jessica said...

Awesome album, by the way. I agree with Roper's assessment that this is their best album yet. (I don't think he meant just because he was on it, either. ;~)

I am a happy Kickstarter of both the Insyderz and FIF, because there are just some things that were too good to end. I'm already bugging Neal as to why we can't go to the Chicago show, even though we recently saw FIF. AND he's leaving me and missing not only New Year's (so that means the Denver show is out), but also my birthday! ;~) I think he should make up for that by going to both Michigan AND Chicago with me, don't you?

'Tones, Insyderz, and 5Fe back again. *sigh*

Nicholas said...

I really need to get it! Loving the songs.
Oh, c'mon, Neal! Actually, in his defense, I can see no logical reason for WANTING to go to Chicago.
Just kidding, Chicago, I love you.

Jessica said...

Well, I suppose someone has to love Chicago. ;~)

I, although a native Illinoisan, am not a Chicago lover. I am a FIF lover, however. In fact, the only reason I've been to Chicago in my adult life (when it wasn't for work to pick up an international student at O'Hare once) was to see FIF, and many times at that. Otherwise ... meh. :-D

Neal said...

Scope out track 12 on the album (can't find the darn title anywhere right now). Basically a ska/disco mashup that was catchy enough to make me want to dance. Yes, it's that catchy!

And yeah... meh on Chicago. I knew a bunch of people from high school that ended up living there and I never got it. It was okay to visit, but that was it for me.

Jessica said...

Whoa, just realized that they put the Kickstarters in the liner notes! (How did it take me so long to figure that out?) Too bad we rarely use our real names for anything, eh? (We're "NJGR".) Cool.