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Monday, December 03, 2012

A Few Slight Changes to The Nicsperiment

This blog has really become a happy place for me over the last two years. It's a place where I can unwind my mind and dedicate a little time to the things I enjoy. I've also unexpectedly enjoyed traffic nearly as high as the first year I ran this blog, which began eight years ago this month. Back then, I did not filter at all, had nothing to protect, and had more fire than wisdom. As a consequence, I was willing to not only display opinions I should have kept private, but to intensely argue those opinions. In eight years, things have changed. I have more concretely formed opinions, and a lot to protect. On top of that, I have few venues of relaxation. Why would I want to poison one of them with dissent?
For that reason, I am eliminating a small handful of posts that can bring dissent into my life. If I'm going to argue with people, I'd rather it be about music, which is actually fun. Don't worry, though, out of 600 Nicsperiment posts strewn across a near decade, I've removed less than ten. The narrative of the blog stays the same. And that's enough about that.
Back to reviewing a great band...

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