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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Embodyment -- Forgotten


After Embodyment's 2004 disbandment, rumors cropped up on the ole Internet that Embodyment had been smack in the middle of recording a new album. A slow trickle of songs rolled out, and sadly, they were all really, really great. Seven years later, those songs have been officially compounded into Embodyment's final release, the Forgotten EP.
This music will not be forgotten by anyone who hears it. This album, if completed, would have undoubtedly been Embodyment's finest. As it is, the five surviving songs perfectly blend the hooky goodness of Songs for the Living with the bite of Hold Your Breath. The result is something altogether better than what was found on those two albums. Embodyment could have been a rock band for the ages. Instead, they will be one their fans fondly remember, a band who ran out of time on the way to fulfilling their limitless potential. But hey, all five band members are still alive. A breakup of a band isn't death. Let's do this again, guys!
This EP can be purchased digitally here. Click below to hear the standout track, "Hindsight."

2011 SFC, Inc
1. Spilling Over 3:50
2. Breaking News 4:01
3. And Then Some 3:59
4. The Answer 3:42
5. Hindsight 4:31

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