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Friday, December 28, 2012

Winding Down

In three days, the most productive year in the history of The Nicsperiment will come to a close. If anyone had told me I would be releasing this many posts, receiving this much consistent traffic, or being contacted and thanked by as many bands as I have this year, I would have been shocked. Just thinking about it now, I am shocked. Unfortunately for The Nicsperiment, 2013 will not be such a year. I am going to publish as many reviews as I can, but the truth of the matter is, I will be in class, studying, and working so much that consistency will pretty much be impossible. I am going to have to set much more humble goals for the blog and plan out months instead of weeks.
We'll see what happens, but don't expect to see more than maybe a couple of reviews posted every week. Expect to see every major Five Iron Frenzy release reviewed in the month of January, as well as the majority of the "F" albums in my collection. I am hoping to at least get to "H" by the summer. We'll see.
Whatever the case, gentle readers, thank you so much for this great blogging year. While it doesn't look like I will ever write for a living, I can take great pleasure that at least a decent chunk of Internet personage has somewhat enjoyed some of the things I have written, and that some people who make music I admire have appreciated them, as well. Expect to see my massively self-indulgent best of music list in the three days. Until then, enjoy these final moments of the year that will soon be was.
Here's a picture of some nachos.


Anonymous said...


Well done, sir.

Well done!


Nicholas said...

Thanks a lot, man! You were one of the main inspirations for me doing this. I hope you and Beni have a great New Year!