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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Filter -- Title of Record


Filter's second album, Title of Record, is an improvement on their debut in every way. The instrumentation is deeper. The band discovers subtlety and tempers their jackhammer riffing with effects and picking. The drums do more than pummel, and there's even some world music-styled percussion added to the mix. Even the bass is freed from it's old lockstep position with the guitars. With more space, the keyboards and electronics are given room to shine. On top of that, Richard Patrick gives his now iconic, high, gravelly howl a few breaks to do some actual singing. Of course, none of this would matter if not for this album's greatest asset over its predecessor: the songwriting is much improved and less straightforward. While things do bog down a little in the second half, Title of Record never loses its way.
Title of Record is most famous for featuring Filter's biggest hit, "Take a Picture," which eschews pretty much everything the band was known for at that point for atmosphere, acoustic guitar, and a big chorus. Personally, I best like it when the band combine this new-found sophistication with their more aggressive side, best espoused in "The Best Things."

A few notes on this video: It cuts out the sweet riff after the last chorus, but it does feature a pre-Shield Walton Goggins and that dude from Tremors and 90's why couldn't you have just gone on forever, I don't understand why c

1999 Reprise Records
1. Sand 0:36
2. Welcome to the Fold 7:40
3. Captain Bligh 5:12
4. It's Gonna Kill Me 5:04
5. The Best Things 4:26
6. Take a Picture 6:03
7. Skinny 5:43
8. I Will Lead You 3:23
9. Cancer 6:39
10. I'm Not the Only One 5:49
11. Miss Blue 19:48

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