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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TIme For Some Wussy Music

It's the end of the day, and I feel exhausted and defeated. That means it's time for some extremely wussy music.
Have a good one.


Neal said...

And oppositely enough, I'm worn out and in need of a kick in the pants to grade. So Chevelle's Hats Off to the Bull it is (thanks for putting me back on them, by the way).

Although if I were a certain other member of my household, I would be put to sleep by hard rock. It's cathartic for her and makes her sleepy, but it's cathartic for me and gets me ready to punch some iffy papers in the nose.


Not really. I'm very nice to my students. Still tough, but nicer than I should be.

Nicholas said...

Nice. I posted this after a four-hour Calculus homework session soundtracked by a metal marathon of Hope for the Dying's Aletheia and Stories' Void. By the time I was done, both my mind and ears were bludgeoned, hence the need for soft, wussy music.
Glad you are enjoying that new(ish) Chevelle. Great kick in the pants music for sure. The fact that hard rock puts Jess to sleep still blows my mind. The current reviews I am working on now (I'm in the mid H's, when I've had the chance) involve a certain band with a knack for making me tired.
Of course, you will Teddy Roosevelt the heck out of your students. I hope using Teddy Roosevelt as a verb just made sense.

Neal said...

I'm pretty sure Teddy Roosevelt would approve of being a verb. Heck, Teddy Roosevelt might have been/is a verb. Like everything he did or not, the man was a force of nature.