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Monday, May 20, 2013

Grammatrain -- Flying

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Grammatrain's second album, Flying, is a more mature effort than the band's debut. It finds Grammatrain segueing from their more jam-band/grungish ways to something akin to late 90's alternative. The songwriting also improves vastly in the process. Opener "Jonah" rocks as hard as anything Grammatrain have recorded, but it's also written a level above their past work. "Flying" and "Peace" showcase a new-found subtlety and sensitivity Grammatrain's debut barely hinted. A slight melancholy feel, matched by the excellent album cover, trickles through Flying's eleven tracks, as well.
The one important detriment to these changes is that the album overall can sound a bit generic. If you lived through the 90's rock scene, and you've never heard this album, you've heard this album. So while Flying features some great songs and is quite solid overall, it doesn't bring much new to the table, either. It's good stuff, not great, but good nostalgia is better than bad anything.

1997 Forefront Records
1. Jonah 2:41
2. Less of Me 2:48
3. Flying 5:11
4. Rocketship 2:25
5. Peace 4:13
6. Pain 4:46
7. Sell Your Soul 3:22
8. Fuse 3:48
9. Spiderweb 3:16
10. Found in You 4:44
11. For Me 8:50
12. (Untitled) 0:04

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