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Thursday, May 02, 2013

The First Season of The Americans Was Incredible

 photo the-americans-season-1-episode-6-trust-me-1_zps6f37f4ff.jpg
When FX has premiered new shows, the worst have been just interesting, and the best have been incredibly awesome. Their track record is excellent. The early promos for The Americans were pretty interesting, but they only played up the spy thriller stuff and the show's angle--an early 80's, all-American couple with a family are actually KGB agents.
The Americans has turned out to be far more quiet and introspective than advertised. That's not to say the show hasn't featured thrilling action or suspense. It often has and in fact has convinced me that Keri Russell could defeat a grizzly bear in hand to hand combat. Underlying all that stuff, though, have been some of the most sophisticated and nuanced character studies on television. The Americans has also featured a refreshingly honest take on the difficulties of marriage, a feat most shows don't even attempt. I was just hoping for a good show, but instead the first season of The Americans turned out to be great. You should definitely watch it. It is available on Amazon, and some episodes are even up on FX's website. Don't deprive yourself of television goodness when it is right there in front of you.

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