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Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Happened To...

Satine. I don't understand why this band never took off. Five years ago, I was cruising around the La Blogoteque page, when I stumbled across Satine. Granted, they were French and I thought their lead singer was...attractive, but watching their Take Away show video now as an old man in his 30's, I still think it is really good. Why didn't Satine take off? I also purchased their live album, listened to it recently, and it is still really good, as well. I still had a Facebook back when I first got into this band, and I messaged them to let them know how much I enjoyed their work. They messaged me back and seemed to be really excited that they had an American fan. But perusing their website now, they haven't been active since the last World Cup. What gives?
Satine, where are you? Bring this back!

Satine October Dane Concert à Emporter by lablogotheque
Also, autumn sunset in a European city for the win.

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