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Friday, August 23, 2013

Interpol -- Interpol

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Interpol's self-titled fourth album includes one truly great song.

There, now you've heard it. The rest of Interpol lacks any forward momentum. It isn't bad, per se (Latin is a dead language), but it does nothing to answer the questions, "Who is Interpol, and why are they still doing this?" I mean, this is a self-titled album, but outside of "Lights," there really isn't a reason for any of these songs to exist. They should be vital, not completely disposable. Atmosphere isn't definitive--there has to be substance beneath. If this band wants to continue making music, they have to do better than this. They've been great before. Just being isn't enough. I could make a thousand too-serious comments like these. I don't like making them, but an album like this makes them too easy to make. There has to be a Latin phrase that sums up the previous sentence more succinctly.

 2010 Matador
1. Success 3:28
2. Memory Serves 5:03
3. Summer Well 4:05
4. Lights 5:38
5. Barricade 4:11
6. Always Malaise (The Man I Am) 4:15
7. Safe Without 4:41
8. Try It On 3:42
9. All of the Ways 5:18
10. The Undoing 5:11

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