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Monday, April 14, 2014

John Williams -- Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Here comes a sentence heavy on prepositions. I first watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind alone at 3 am on TBS on a Friday night some time in high school. I didn't need sleep back then, and thanks to cable TV, I dosed heavily on the classics. As far as the current conversation, Close Encounters has been a bit of a forgotten masterpiece as of late, though it is easily one of the most magical films ever released (even if the director himself now finds the ending to be a bit irresponsible). As for John Williams' soundtrack, it is unique among his work. To describe why, I'll make this unique among my reviews, with an abstract, word association description: Primal fear, haunting, alien choirs, psychological, horrific, experimental, alien, terrifying, wonder, beauty, foreign, mysterious, sugar high, comforting, when you wish upon a star, hector berlioz, jaws, moving on to the next plane, the next step in humanity, images that can only be described with music, rapturous, the unmeasurably deep choirs of the universe.

1977 Arista
1. Main Title And Mountain Visions 3:22
2. Nocturnal Pursuit 2:34
3. The Abduction Of Barry 4:32
4. I Can't Believe It's Real 3:15
5. Climbing Devil's Tower 2:10
6. The Arrival Of Sky Harbor 4:31
7. Night Seige 6:22
8. The Conversation 2:21
9. The Appearance Of The Visitors 4:49
10. Resolution And End Title 6:50

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