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Friday, May 02, 2014

So Now What Do You Think About John Williams?

Man, I'm not trying to get dirty, but that both took a lot out of me, and put a lot into me. Here's a QA about my John Williams reviewing experience, and life, the universe, and several things.

That was intense.

Yes, yes it was.I wrote the intro for this series (the one with The Shining/John Williams mash-up photo) back in 2013. It has taken nearly six months to complete this endeavor. In the meantime, I've been through some pretty hard times, at least on a mental scale. Obviously, only a crazy person would devote so much of their hard to come by free time listening, over and over again, to soundtracks of films people pretty much universally loathed. The crazy thing is, pouring energy and focus into dissecting those prequel soundtracks actually took me to a better place. And they were actually really good!

That last review you did(the one for Revenge of the Sith) was...a bit strange. What happened there?

I think I was just working out a lot of issues. I mean, issues from my life currently, but also, issues from my life nine years ago. I think that review was kind of my way of making peace with the prequels. I mean, they weren't what I or anyone wanted, not what anyone wanted in the least (too much subtext in this paragraph), but they still exist, and I and many other people have dedicated a significant portion of our time to them. I've decided I might as well allow myself to take away the good elements from them, however few they might be. These prequel scores aren't just a good element, though. They are outstanding. If I can't appreciate the films they soundtrack, I can still appreciate the memories of the times of my life that they did. Apart from that, I can appreciate them on their own, as they are outstanding.

You gave the soundtrack for Attack of Clones a 10. That seems a bit nuts.

It is so good! I think I only listened to it twice when I purchased it. It works so well as a standalone seventy-minute piece of music--you don't have to see the film to appreciate it. The flow of textures and emotions is incredible.

You only listened to it twice back in 2002?

Yes. I figured if it only had one new theme, it couldn't be any good. Dumb thinking on my part. I think I only listened to the Revenge of the Sith score once after I purchased it. I listened to it nearly a dozen times for these reviews. What's crazy is how evocative of 2005 it is, even though I barely listened to it then. There are several major soundtracks from that year that make me feel that way. James Newton Howard's (excellent) King Kong score is one, and I loved that film. I actually missed that one in my reviews. It will be reviewed when I start the redux reviews.

(SPIT TAKE) Redux reviews? What?! Are you going to subject us to more of these things?!

Since the Every Album I Own review series debuted in 2011, I've purchased a ton of new music in letters I've already reviewed. Have to review those. Also, in all the chaos of life, and in attempting to stay consistent in my publishing dates, I've overlooked certain items in my collection. Have to review those, too. If I live to finish this series, and I still have working fingers, I'll ideally begin a much shorter series called Every Album I Own Redux. The dream is to finally get up to where I've reviewed everything I have, then just review albums as I buy them. We'll see, though. I've made plans before.

That was ominous.

I'm an ominous guy.

Not really.

Yeah, I guess not.

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