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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So Much For J

 photo 1280px-Azufaifas_fcm_zps25eb587f.jpg
Good grief, J. I've been working on you since September of last year. You've presided over some rough times in my life. But, hey, J! You've lifted me up! I never knew how good you truly were! You are incredible! Your albums received 18 "10/10"'s. EIGHT-TEEN!!! That is insane! I think that is more tens than I have handed out to every other letter before you combined! You house a multitude of talent! Your artists were brilliant! Surely "K" will pale in comparison! But reviewed, "K" will be, nontheless! EXCLAMATION POINT! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!
Also, I don't own this, or even understand who commissioned or performed it, but as a final note, here is some European orchestra's excellent performance of Joe Hisaishi's timeless theme from Princess Mononoke.

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