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Monday, July 14, 2014

Kashmir -- Trespassers

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Kashmir's expansive Trespassers is another giant leap for the already excellent band. The album's sound is relatively huge, and includes some of the strongest work of their career. While Trespassers falls into a slight bit of sameness in its latter half that holds it from perfection (though each song is individually great), it is still a great piece of work. Its theme seems to revolve around the concept that we are all Trespassers on time's territory. While this is a stark idea, the band manage to wring quite a bit of hope from it, as well. Album centerpiece and standout, "Still Boy," features a huge chorus hook and deliriously shifting dynamics, summing up Tresspassers beautifully in its gorgeous, wistfully hopeful bridge (I'm sure, as "wistfully hopeful" is a contradiction, the French have one word to sum up the feeling).
Like the chicken needs the fox
And daylight longs for the dark
I excuse myself to go and make my mark

2010 Sony/Columbia
1. Mouthful of Wasps 5:16
2. Intruder 4:24
3.Mantaray 4:10
4. Pallas Athena 2:28
5. Still Boy 5:12
6. Bewildered in the City 6:29
7.Pursuit of Misery 4:07
8. Time Has Deserted Us 4:04
9. Danger Bear 3:40
10.The Indian (That Dwells in This Chest) 5:23

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