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Friday, October 10, 2014

10/10/2014--LSU Student Union--8:50 PM

So here I am at ten minutes to nine on a Friday night, 32 years old, on the third floor of the LSU Student Union, listening to a bunch of extremely dorky college students badly sing karaoke through the floor as I attempt to learn 300 pages of organic chemistry. Kids, do what you love, but make sure you also set plans into motion so that you can support the family you may one day have. If not, they will stay home without you on a Friday night, eating popcorn and watching a movie while you listen to this girl singing so damn flat her voice might as well be a pancake while you curse out your organic chemistry teacher for assuming that all her students are 19 years old and boundless, full of energy, with three lifetimes worth of time to dedicate to her stupid class. There is only one option here, and that is to listen to Billy Idol at full blast to see if I can throw off the pitch on what is already the worst rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody I have ever heard.


Anonymous said...

insert: emoticon with tear


Jessica said...

Wait, I think I got this: Spike couldn't get Buffy to dance with him (and why should she after that whole demon-dancing thing?), so a bunch of zombies came around to attack him because he was alone (and what can a vampire do to a zombie anyway)? And then BtVS met Fringe and the alternate universe after he used the device was actually...Spike dancing with the zombies? Spike is happily still alive, but...Buffy didn't say the magic words in this universe apparently. He's still dancing with himself.

Nicholas said...

That's the best I can do :_(
Jess: If only Billy I...Spike could somehow send an amulet to the other side to the vampire that sired the vampire that sired him, that he then stole the girlfriend from (these pronouns are interchangeable), but then when he comes back he secretly wishes he could have stayed where he was, and maybe he'll keep the outfit on, anyway.