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Monday, October 27, 2014

Latitudes -- Individuation

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Now here's a good one. Though Latitudes' Individuation comes from an unknown British band on a tiny label, it feels like a landmark album. Only three of its tracks feature vocals, and only one clocks in at under five minutes. I say Individuation sounds like a landmark release because most other "instrumental" rock albums follow a similar sound. They generally feature twinkly guitars, uplifting chord progressions, a build up and a release.
Individuation is not twinkly. The guitars are heavy and complex, when they aren't suddenly slowing to thicken the atmosphere. The drums sound like a particularly sonorous avalanche. A Moog Synthesizer adds a sense of dread. This album's mood is not uplifting. Individuation is terrifying.
With that said, unlike some laboriously serious instrumental albums, Individuation is also incredible fun. I've saved its most original touch for last, though.
This is an instrumental album with vocals.
Latitudes' singer only pops up on "Imitation Ruin," "Shapeshifting," and "The Glacial Body", but he is Individuation's key instrument. While his haunting falsetto brings even more creepy atmosphere to the table, it's also a bit of a breather throughout the album, popping up when the music quiets down, then dissipating when the chaos returns. This is original stuff. I can't recommend it enough.

2012 Shelsmusic
1. Hyperstatic Forge 6:54
2. Imitation Ruin 9:20
3. Vortice of Malady 7:12
4. Isleward 2:35
5. Shapeshifting 8:27
6. Metabolic Pathways 5:53
7. The Glacial Body 7:25
8. Individuation (Telos) 10:23

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