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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

So Much for K

 photo ketamine_zpsd04794a9.png

Wow, K. You're over. I'm sorry you had to come after J. Nothing is going to be better than J. Maybe S, but I doubt it. Anyway, K, don't stress, you were still pretty special, with all your cool Scandinavian rock. Keep reaching for that rainbow!
Up next, L! L is a weird letter, which will reveal several of The Nicsperiment's stranger owning every single Linkin Park album...I was going to keep that a surprise, as L starts off all indie and cool, but I'll just straight up admit, it's going to veer mainstream rock without warning. Actually, I just warned you. Cool.
Another note: I missed so many K's this time around! I skipped all of my Katatonia albums somehow! Even more reason to get excited about Every Album I Own Redux Reviews. COMING IN 201...something.

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