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Monday, December 08, 2014

Lymbyc Systym -- Shutter Release

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Lymbyc Systym's Shutter Release is the sound of a warm room on a cold day, full of future nostalgia. Maybe you're by yourself, reading a book, maybe you're just chilling with your parents, or maybe that girl you have a crush on has somehow ended up in the easy chair your dad usually watches sports from. It might not be the best day you'll ever have, but it's definitely one you'll remember.
Less metaphysically, this is an instrumental album created by two brothers and their friends, full of warm, lovely noises, acoustic waves, and electronic lights. Whoops, metaphysical again. Well, I guess that's as solid as it's gonna get.

Mush 2009
1. Trichromatic 5:25
2. Ghost Clock 3:42
3. Interiors 4:35
4. Bedroom Anthem 2:34
5. Kubrick 4:16
6. Contemporary Art 3:40
7. T-Ball 2:57
8. Shutter Release 3:41
9. Teddy 4:35
10. Late Night Classic 6:16

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