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Thursday, December 11, 2014

So Much for L

 photo ROX25310_zps9e34caa3.jpg
Hey, L. Get out of here, you weirdo!
I'm just kidding L, you're okay, but you're no J.
Only one letter starts off the name "John Williams," and it's not your fault it's not you.
You did your best, and for that I commend you. And, hey, I had fun writing you! It was good times!
Moving right along, M should begin its stay in early January. Until then, gentle reader, The Nicsperiment will feature the promised eight-part Cornerstone 2002 travelogue (Yes, eight parts! It's going to be insanity! It's going to be...something!), a review of the recently ended Doctor Who Series (or as we say here in the country that's beaten England in not one, but TWO wars, "Season"), and my annual top nine albums of the year list (and maybe its new buddy from last year, the top nine songs of the year list).
Until then...I leave you with five mysterious lines of blank space.

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