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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Nicsperiment Is Turning Ten!

In just four days, The Nicsperiment will be a decade old! A decade!
That's a long time going for a blog! That's a long time going for any kind of website!
That's 955 posts (closer to a thousand if you count the ones I retrospectively realized were a bit too much, or just plain awful, and put into private status), over 100,000 views, and buckets of dead skin cells from my hands spilled into various keyboards around the state. That is disgusting, but so awesome. You are literally shedding yourself everywhere you go.
In celebration (of The Nicsperiment's tenth birthday, not you spreading your dead skin cells wherever you please, you hussy!), I have been prepping one of the largest, craziest things The Nicsperiment has ever done:
I have been working on a travelogue of my trip to Cornerstone in 2002. I've done plenty of travelogues before, so long time readers should have some bearing on the madness that is to come, but this one, while still as ridiculously stupid as any travelogue I've published, takes a more serious tone at moments, reflecting on religion, the Christian Music Industry, Unicorns, Monkeys, Unicorn Monkeys.
I've a few other noteworthy things in the works for this month, including my annual "Top Nine Albums of the Year List," reviews of the recently ended seasons of Doctor Who, South Park and Hannibal, and the customary "So Much For..." post for the letter "L" (that is coming Friday). "Every Album I Own Reviews" are done for the year, but they should be coming back with a vengeance with the letter "M" in January. Speaking of those, after more than three years, and approximately 500 reviews, "Every Album I Own Reviews" is exactly halfway over! What a magical Nicsperiment month! I'm going to go eat Frosted Flakes and ruminate.


Anonymous said...


The world is a better place with you (and your blog) in it.

Happy [almost] Blogday.

: )


Nicholas said...

Thanks, good Buddy.