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Monday, March 30, 2015

Wii U Game Reviews: Super Mario 3D World (Review)

I posted this on my Wii U Review Blog. I am having a ton of fun playing these games and writing these reviews. If you've read any of my game reviews for The Nintendo 64 Museum, you'll know I write those in a sort of stuffy, formal, fussy form, as I try to treat that space of the Internet as a literal museum you accidentally find when you are wandering around a back alley. The reviews are written in present tense, as the games are still playable and alive, even though they have now become relics of a past age.

I have no such restraints with the stuff on my my Wii U Blog. I just write them however I want.


Click the link below to reach Wii U Game Reviews:

Wii U Game Reviews: Super Mario 3D World (Review): ZombiU  Released on the Wii U November 22, 2013 by Nintendo  Retail: $59.99 Wii U Game Reviews Score: 9.7/10 Mario. When I was a kid...

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