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Monday, April 06, 2015

It's Time for Some mewithoutYou Reviews

 photo 01-07-Buzz-MewithoutYou_zpsq0nfy4jv.jpg
Even these dudes just want to through it all out the window.

I started re-listening to all the mewithoutYou albums and reviewing them, and suddenly started to have all these strange, strong feelings. I couldn't comprehend half of them. I had all these ideas for regulated review structures, and then kicked them all to the curb when I realized how hard organized thought is when attempting to describe a mewithoutYou album. This band don't even capitalize the first letter of their name! It's the tenth one! WAH???!!!
It got so bad, my review for mewithoutYou's third album, Brother, Sister has essentially been written by a guest/ghost reviewer.
I hope these next two weeks of reviews don't wreck your life.
What a ringing endorsement!

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