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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Moonlit Sailor -- So Close to Life

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I just applauded uplifting instrumental rock band, Moonlit Sailor, for putting just enough diversity and tension into their debut EP to make the whole thing a well-rounded and emotionally gratifying experience. So Close to Life, their first shot at a full-length (nine songs instead of seven this time, and averaging over five minutes apiece instead of four) unfortunately doesn't hold together quite as well, going for a uniformity-over-diversity approach that makes the album harder to take in one sitting. It's still positive, inspiring music, but the guitar tones, notes, keys, and textures just don't vary enough, and the album as a whole features little to no conflict. With that said, So Close to Life still features some songs that are as powerful as anything, with "Sunbeams," "The Cheers on the Parade," and "1994" standing out in particular. The album is worth listening to multiple times, but it's also better off broken up into multiple listens, a few tracks at a time, so the positivity and monochrome joy don't overwhelm.

2009 Deep Elm
1. Sunbeams 5:30
2. Hope 5:01
3. Landvetter 7:15
4. New Zealand 5:34
5. Fresh Snow 5:25
6. A Week without Sunlight 6:33
7. The Cheers on the Parade 5:01
8. 1994 4:17
9. Waiting for Nothing 6:30

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