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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Morcheeba -- Charango

 photo Morcheeba_-_Charango_zpsoo9plqes.jpg

When the chill groove of "Slow Down" hits, and Skye Edwards' silky smooth vocals coast out your speakers for the first time, you could shut your eyes and easily imagine you're sitting in the coolest club in the world. Next track, "Otherwise," keeps up the impossibly hip lounge thing, but this could get boring fast. A few songs later, they start parading out the guest stars to keep things interesting. Nice duet with Kurt Wagner on "What New York Couples Fight About." Bizarre, yet engaging rap-warning tale from Slick Rick on "Women Lose Weight." Overall, Charango maintains your interest and doesn't hurt your ears. From a $4.00 FYE used-bin find you only bought because the lead-singer looked lovely, that's about the most you could ask.

2002 Sire/Reprise/Warner Bros. Records
1. Slow Down 4:12
2. Otherwise 3:43
3. Aqualung 3:24
4. São Paulo 4:32
5. Charango (featuring Pace Won) 4:03
6. What New York Couples Fight About (featuring Kurt Wagner) 6:16
7. Undress Me Now 3:25
8. Way Beyond 3:34
9. Women Lose Weight (featuring Slick Rick) 4:18
10. Get Along (featuring Pace Won) 3:48
11. Public Displays of Affection 3:09
12. The Great London Traffic Warden Massacre (featuring Miriam Stockley and Michael Dove) 3:04

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