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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mutemath -- Reset EP

 photo 220px-Rese_zpslnxotc4i.jpg

From the driving, atmospheric rock of "Control," to the future reggae rapture of "Peculiar People," to the spacey balladry of "OK," to "Reset"'s funky, instrumental re-interpretation of "Everything in its Right Place," 2004's Reset EP announces the beginnings of what's sure to be a promising career for New Orleans-based Mutemath. Then eleven years passed, and I inexplicably never bought anything Mutemath have recorded since. That's weird.

2004 Warner
1. Control 4:36
2. Peculiar People 4:35
3. OK 5:23
4. Reset 5:25
5. Plan B 4:46
6. Progress 4:45
7. Afterward 1:19

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