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Friday, October 30, 2015

MxPx -- Left Coast Punk EP

 photo 220px-MxPx_-_Left_Coast_Punk_EP_cover_zpsl9keuzrg.jpg

Perhaps realizing that their On the Cover II didn't exactly stoke the flames Secret Weapon had re-ignited in their fanbase a couple years before, MxPx returned months later with the Left Coast Punk Ep. Immediately resuming the speed punk of Secret Weapon (and that of the band's glory days), Left Coast Punk proves that Secret Weapon's reinvigorization was no fluke.
Left Coast Punk kicks off with two steamrollers (speedrollers?), "One Step Further" and "Desperate to Understand," a pair of lyrically searching songs from a musically restless band. "Broken" slows things down a bit, but is immediately followed by the pummeling "Shanghaied in Shanghai." The tempo again goes down with "Hopeless Case," but the song still rocks and continues the EP's lyrical themes. Then it's the end. Literally, the last song is called "End." If MxPx had decided to hang things up here, "End" would have been a fitting one. The song is a bit of a venture for the band, flirting with reggae in its second verse, and atmosphere with its spacey chorus and ending. It's a fitting close to this particular phase of the band (this EP was self-released as the band told Tooth & Nail Records goodbye for a second time). My only real complaint is the EP's sound quality, which is a bit tinny. Otherwise, Left Coast Punk is a little gem.

2009 Rock City Recording Company
1. One Step Further 2:54
2. Desperate to Understand 3:01
3. Broken 2:19
4. Shanghaied in Shanghai 2:33
5. Hopeless Case 2:35
6. End 3:35

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