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Friday, October 02, 2015

MxPx -- Pokinatcha

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Everybody's gotta start somewhere, and MxPx, as teenagers, kicked off their recording career with 1994's Pokinatcha. Pokinatcha is straight-forward, lo-fi, fast and fuzzed-out punk. As MxPx'S career goes, Pokinatcha is the most "Christian" of their albums, with lyrics about feeling ostracized and singled out and feeling akin to Jesus, the original punk, as well as lyrics about people being mean to you because they aren't happy with their hair. As debut's go, Pokinatcha isn't exactly auspicious, even if it is good at what it does, which is far too simple to warrant nearly 50-minutes of running time. This CD is also the odd duck (but not THE ODD DUCK, as that one comes along a bit later) of the bunch in that Andy Husted plays guitar instead of long-time guitarist, Tom Wisniewski, who would play on every album from here on out. It's time for the (in alphabetical order) Mike, Tom, and Yuri show.

1994 Tooth & Nail
1. Anywhere But Here 3:25
2. Weak 3:02
3. Want Ad 1:23
4. Realize 2:26
5. Think Twice 1:52
6. Unopposed 2:26
7. Aspect, The 2:50
8. Ears to Hear 2:49
9. Bad Hair Day 1:52
10. Too Much Thinking 3:41
11. Time Brings Change 2:25
12. PxPx 1:04
13. Jars of Clay 2:18
14. High Standards 2:21
15. Another Song About T.V. 1:40
16. Twisted Words 2:16
17. Walking Bye 1:48
18. No Room 2:01
19. Jay Jay's Song 1:55
20. One Way Window 2:00
21. Dead End 2:46

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