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Thursday, October 01, 2015

October Is MxPx Month at The Nicsperiment(!)

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I think I became a fan of MxPx after listening to five seconds of their music. The 90's produced a ton of punk bands, but none of them were MxPx. There was just something different about those three guys together. They were like your buddies: Mike, the charismatic ringleader, Tom, the quiet, cool one, and Yuri, the Yuri (my personal favorite of the trio). They were like your buddies that wrote catchy punk songs that were so fast you couldn't bang your head fast enough, or drive your car fast enough, or eat a box of tic-tacs fast enough. Indeed, no other punk band sufficed when MxPx was needed. Only MxPx would do. Fads end, though. People grow up, and grow out of things...but for some people, growing up seems to be a process of denying things one enjoys just because one thinks they shouldn't enjoy those things anymore.
NEWSFLASH: If you throw on Life in General, it is still awesome. If you throw on Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo, it is still awesome. If you listen to what the band has done in the past five years... it's still awesome. MxPx aren't ironically awesome. They are just awesome. From my teenage years to my mid-30's, MxPx rules. The shocker in going through their discography is that my opinions of each of their records are nearly exactly the same now as they were when Clinton and Bush II were in office. Generally, a complete discography visitation of an old favorite yields wildly different results in taste from when one was younger. Not this time...
But didn't know The Nicsperiment when he was a teenager? Well, it's time to find out just how similar 18-year old The Nicsperiment's tastes are to the tastes of the less-fit, grayer, get-off-my-lawnier The Nicsperiment of today you all know-in-love, tolerate, or simply keep accidentally visiting when you mistype The Napsperiment into your browser. By the way, there's no such thing as "The Napsperiment." Somebody needs to get on that.
But there's no time for naps here at The Nicsperiment...

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