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Monday, November 02, 2015

So Now What Do You Think About MxPx?

So, I just did a full month of reviews for MxPx. I actually wrote these reviews way back in July, but it pays to think...and write ahead. Time for the self Q&A.

So...did you like listening to MxPx for a whole month?
Honestly...yes. I was scared that even the best of these albums would sound dated, but they didn't. Turns out that if you make enjoyable music, even if it's in a genre that was only popular for a limited time, it is still enjoyable music. Life In General and Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo not only lost none of their awesomeness, but now they have the pleasant warmth of nostalgia hovering over their punk-rawk greatness.

But all the rest is disposable, right?
No, all the rest is not. Read the reviews. Most of the rest are still quite good listens, as well.

Were you surprised at how much your opinion changed on any particular album? Like, did you like or dislike any particular album more than you remembered?
Before Everything and After pisses me off even more now than it did 12 years ago, and I couldn't stand it much then, either. On the plus side, MxPx's most recent disc, Plans Within Plans, which didn't exactly light my world on fire three years ago, brightened up my week when I reviewed it. Incredible punk album for a bunch of dudes in their late teens, except these guys are nearing forty. Awesome.

You just reviewed 18 musical releases by one band. Are there any other bands with a body of work this prolific coming up on Every Album I Own Reviews?
Nope. There's one band near the end that will come close, but I think MxPx wins that contest. A few bands in the teens on the way there, though.

So what's next for the Nicsperiment?
This has been an extremely strange year in my personal life. I mean, life is good, my family is well, but nothing has gone the way I have expected it. I've been so busy lately, I hope I can keep up here. This contrasts with last year, where The Nicsperiment really kept me going at points. I think it's apparent in last year's writing: so emotional. This year, I feel like things are a bit more clinical, except for maybe the New York Travelogue, which I think, at least when I was writing it, was more emotion than humor...that is not very befitting of a Nicsperiment Travelogue, but every time I think about New York and the fact that there are people there, and none of them are me, I want to sob uncontrollably.

Wow, that's intense. So what's next for the Nicsperiment?
A couple more reviews for the letter "M," and then it's "N" time. "N" and "O" are both strange letters in this series, containing some of the odder releases in my collection...then we'll get to "P," which contains many of my all-time favorite bands. I'm sad that I haven't had as many "features" this year, but if I can get used to my new schedule this fall, maybe I can get into the right headspace to produce that kind of content again. As it is, less than two months of 2015 to go. It's been a weird one.

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