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Monday, February 01, 2016

It's Nick Cave Month at the Nicsperiment

 photo 1408585060099_wps_15_starring_Nick_Cave_and_Ky_zpswqu01q9u.jpg
If you haven't noticed, I have reached my namesake artists. However, there is one who stands out above the rest (and the one after him is a standout, so that's saying something). I have been into Nick Cave and the Bad Seed's music since I realized that the awesome song from the movie Scream and the X-Files episode from season two where Scully gets abducted ("Ascension") is not actually a Doors is a song called "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Once I realized this, I realized that Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds might have more songs than just "Red Right Hand," and indeed they do. In fact, up to this point in history, they have fifteen albums worth of more songs, and I am going to be reviewing all fifteen during the rather Nick Caveish month of February (he's got some live albums and other oddities, but I will be sticking to the LP's). So get ready for my opinions on some dark music from the depths of the soul of one of the greatest musical artists of the last 25 years because this is the Internet, and everyone's opinion is a gloriously ephemeral universe unto itself. Also, if by some miracle I can complete it, I am working on a critical film study in the vein of the one I did on Kubrick last year, though on a far different set of films. That might pop-up during this one-day extended month, as well. It is leap year, after all.

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