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Thursday, September 01, 2016

...and I've Started Yet Another Blog

You know how when you only have a million blogs, and you really want to have 1,000,001?
Apparently I do, because I just started another, this time dedicated to reviews of games for my favorite all-time video game system, the Super Nintendo. The first review, published today, is for the undisputed classic (I'm sure someone disputes it, but that person is wrong), Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
Yes, I am a very sick man.
Get down with it.


Neal said...

*puts a hand on Nicholas's shoulder*

I think it's time we had an intervention, my friend. This obsession with creating more and more blogs has to stop. Where will it end? Once you've opened the door to all parallel universes and may review every game console that was and ever could possibly be? ;)

*ahem* In all seriousness, it'll be fun to see all your reviews. I must admit that I never got into the Super Mario Worlds. There was something about the first that I could never get that hang of. But Mario Galaxy is just right for me, somehow.

Nicholas said...

I can stop whenever I want, okay! I'm not addicted! I can stop whenever I want!

Azure Ides-Grey said...

Will there eventually be PC game reviews? I was playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 the other day ... it would be so cool to see your thoughts about that game, assuming you've played it, which I really have no reason to doubt. :-)

Neal said...

Sure you can, Nicholas. Sure you can.

Nicholas said...

Don't tempt me! Actually, I have played through THPS 1 on Dreamcast, and I am certainly intending on reviewing that at some point. I still need to get to THPS2...but classic PC game reviews are a definite possibility!