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Friday, February 10, 2017

Beginning Next Week: A Study on the Much-Misunderstood P.O.D.

Yes, THAT P.O.D. The not nu-metal band completely composed of minorities who grew up in an impoverished, crime-ridden area of San Diego, fronted by a reformed drug-dealer, who somehow got lumped in with a genre mainly associated with misogynist, white, upper middle class frat-boys.
The band who drew their roots from punk, metal, and reggae, but because they sometimes rapped while they rocked, were often spoken of in the same sentence as Limp Bizkit.
THAT P.O.D. I'm going to review all of their albums, starting with their major label debut.
Prepare to get educated...

There will also be an article about a video game system released at the same time as P.O.D.'s commercial peak, thrown in for good measure.
Happy February!

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