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Monday, February 28, 2005

Peace with Texas/I love I-10/It's good to finally be home(Louisiana is the greatest place I've ever been)

So, I've made my peace with Texas. I used to be indifferent to Texas, then Texas picked a fight with me. I was like, "Oh now you di'int!" And Texas was all like, "Uh huh, yes I did!" That was two years ago.
This trip, the belt in my car engine exploded. I was like, "Texas, you bojo! I hate you!" Then, the next morning, as a friend and I fixed my car in the rain (and consumed copious amounts of donuts (and chocolate milk)), I said, "You know what Texas? I think we finally understand each other." This morning, two days later, I had the greatest drive home ever, just me and Texas. And we made peace. And God smiled upon His beautiful green Earth. And it was even more beautiful when I crossed the Sabine river to cypress trees and hanging moss. -The End


Anonymous said...

You should know neither cars nor hoverboards work in Texas ever, and sometimes when driving through you'll see out of place billboards for some reason or another advertising "Ugly Kids".

Do they sell these ugly kids? Are they lost? Are they sponsored or maybe spokespersons for some car company selling 1950's jalopies?

I don't know. All I know is Texas is weird and I never want to live there.

Anonymous said...

Who ARE you, anyway??

-E said...

I like Texas. Well I wouldn't want to live in another city than Austin, but I like Texas. I don't, however, like driving on I-10 thinking you'll get a hotel in El Paso and have to keep going, through border patrol at 1 am, till you get to Van Horn for a hotel not to be booked. Craziness.