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Monday, April 11, 2005

Sin City: Final Thoughts

After all the comments, I think we've come to an impasse. Basically, my side of the argument says the visual innovation does not justify the content, while the other side says the visual innovation does. I guess this basically comes down to a moral issue for me, which is a whole 'nother argument for a whole 'nother day, but today is another day, so if anyone has any thoughts on this, let her rip, though I insist, as before, don't rip me, rip the issue.
Of course, I realize having an opinion does not make me correct, but it does mean I think I am.
Thanks again for the comments. You guys rock harder than I ever knew.


Jon said...

tweedle beatles would have made it a much better movie huh? I wouldn't know, because I didn't go see it, prolly won't. tweedle beatles would have made it a much better film huh?


Nicholas said...

You just blew my mind, going in a sentence-circle like that. A tweedle-beatle-battle would have been tight, though.

Jordan. said...

No further comments your honor, but I do think I might start my own blog to my own amusements. Don't worry, none of you guys have to read it. Just you might want to because I will be name droppin' and puttin' you all to shame.


Nicholas said...

Do it, I say! Do it!

-E said...

You changed your picture. Does that mean I need to change mine again?

Nicholas said...