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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Tonight, I get a friend of mine, The White, to help me remove the strings from my guitar after church. I haven't changed them in... a while, so we have to use a sturdy paper clip to push them out. When we finish, he grabs my guitar and sings, "I'm gonna sing a song for you. (He hesitates...Thinks...Scrunches his face...) The world is a vampire!" Then he makes a really confused face.
"Weird," he says. "I haven't even thought about that song in years. Why would I sing that?"
I almost say Hey, I just checked that Smashing Pumpkins album out at the library, but I don't say anything. How could it have been important? When we were getting into our cars to leave, I can't help it.
"It's weird, you sang that," I say. "I just checked that album out from the library."
"The Smashing Pumpkins?" He asks.
We say goodbye and leave.
Instances like this seem strange to me. Kind of reminds me of the times I learn new words. It seems like anytime I hear a word I have never heard before and learn its meaning, I hear it a dozen more times that day. This is strange. Is there a reason for this? Sometimes I wonder.
A. No reason. Just coincidence.
B. A reason. Think about it.
C. Haha, the universe has confounded you once again!
Anyway, this is the sort of thing I can overthink. Strange, rare factors coinciding always make me want to think too much. The bonus of this is that I come up with all kinds of crazy sci-fi ideas to write about. The negative is, of course, overthinking, and wasting time that could be spent elsewhere.
Either way, life is a strange and wonderful thing.


-E said...

Strange and beautiful me thinks.

And I was totally getting spammed with random comments on that post- I don't know how to delete them though.

I did have a book, and my iPod to keep me company too.

Nicholas said...

There isn't a little garbage pod icon next to the comments on your blog? If not, maybe you need to change your settings. I just click on the can, and they disappear.
I'm glad you had something(s) to do!

Anonymous said...

That new word thing always happens to me, too. And I'm such a nerd that I get all excited and want to tell everyone of the new word I just learned and how much I've heard it lately. The people at work think I'm insane due to my word love. *sighs* I can't win.

My life has so many strange coincidences that happen in such odd, random ways that I just explain it so: My life is a circle and everything will fold back around on itself in some way. *shrugs* It's the only way to explain why it always happens to me.

Again, it's good to see you back and blogging. Hang in there: You probably do sing better than Ms. Spears, Nic. Believe me. (Although, have you seen this INXS rock star thingie on TV? The guy who sang that song the other day when I happened upon the show was amazing...but he gave it a Nirvana spin that blew BS's version out of the water. If that guy had sung it first, I might have liked the song.)

Nicholas said...

Jess: An example of the new word topic:
You just showed me that Britney Spears' initials are BS. For some reason, I have never noticed this before...and now I know that someone is going to tell me the very same thing in a matter of hours!

Jordan said...

The word thing happens to me all the time too. And I used to use that exact phrase from that exact song for my passwords online! Coincidence? I think not. lol

That is pretty weird and I often do the same thing, overthink things, given them my own made Divine/Destiny/Fate conclusions. That it was a sign, that it was God and all this.

Well, one can only know God to know if it is all just Bull or not. And most of the time, if it's in my mind, not my heart, it is...BS.