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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Well Then

How is everyone? I am...
I have no attachment to this world. I belong to no friendship or organization that I cannot leave in a second. I am totally disconnected. This is a strange feeling. I feel connected to God in some strange intangible way, but nothing physical ties me down to this world. I would like to go somewhere and start a completely new life, but I have $52 in my bank account and little drive. So I guess I will stay here. After a little bit of work as a painter, I finally put in some job applications this week, all for state positions. I took the state professional entry test and got a perfect score. Then I played Karoake Revolution (a singing game) and got last place. This experience was quite humbling. All of the accomplishments(?) in my life felt worthless because, out of a group of eight, I was the worst at singing "Hit Me Baby, One More Time". For some reason, this was a crushing blow, and made me question my worth, and life direction. I'm serious.
Anyway, I guess I will start updating this blog again. I realize that before I kept making bigger and bigger rants that made me feel good. I am not saying the rants were good, but they made me feel good, and I had to kept putting more effort to make myself happy. That was not good. This time I am not going to be so egotistical. Or try at least.
Anyway, I am a 23-year old male from Glynn, Louisiana, with a B.A. in English, minors in Film Theory and History, and a 3.515 G.P.A, all at Louisiana State University. I took the state Professional Entry Test and scored a perfect which qualifies me for any state job only requiring a B.A. These jobs aren't high paying. I just want to be able to support my writing. My rewrite of my first novel is coming along well. Anyone have any better suggestions? Please give me. I need them. I am trying to cut back on me ego, but I can't lie. Comments make me feel good.
Hope you all are well. G'night...


-E said...

You're alive!!!! My insatiable crush on you can now resume :-P (Oh wait, you want to cut BACK on your ego, not add to it, hmmm) I don't know what to tell you for a job. I still cant find one I am not too snobby to reject on some entirely superficial level. I want to move to NYC. You could always move with me and we could start over with everything there. I like that whole starting over idea. I am just trying to find a job to give me a good excuse to do it. Good luck with finding yours. *hug* I've missed you!

Nicholas said...

Hooray! Now our elicit Internet love can continue. We are the true romantics, the unemployed who live life day to day, posting our newfound wisdom for the employed masses to see. Being broke sucks, though. Me want money.
Perhaps we will be able to start over, someday. I almost don't care where...okay, I do. I am thinking Pacific Northwest right now. I am in a rainy mood.
And, I missed you, too

-E said...

Ohh I love Seattle. I could totally start over there :-P

Jordan said...


I can't really think all too straight (I've got some band Bloc Party banging in my earies. Have you heard them? I like 'em)

I like that idea of disconnect too, but as me and Jon spoke to each other one night, there are those whom God has made to be content by themselves and isolated, yet they need to get out more. And there are those who are too dependant on others and are discontented by themselves, who need to get in more, and likely read a book or two.

Balance is a good key.

Sorry for stalking you and talking to you so much electronically tonight.

Good to have you back BTW!

I can see how that experience with Britney and Karyoake could question your worth seriously too, sadly lol.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see you back where you belong: Filling our minds with ideas and thoughts to ponder. I'm sorry it took so long to comment back but I'm behind on everything Internet and am now just catching up to everyone. I already feel bad enough so, please, don't lambast me electronically. *smiles*

And, did I hear rewrite of novel? If you need any critiques, I'm available and willing to read and comment.

Good luck with the job search. I work in a state office right now and am looking to get out of the place. Quickly. *laughs* But, I'm being picky about it this time: I want something I'm qualified for and something that I can at least use my own degree in. I can understand that, most definitely.

Nicholas said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jess!
To the second part, if you don't mind my asking, what degree do you have? Mine is English, and I so desperately wish I could find a State Job that requests this. I found one, but it also asks for a "comfortable knowledge of the Spanish language, including complex writings and communication". This made me angry. Oh well. By this point I just want to get paid...and not have to sell my soul.