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Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Last Goodbye

I know I've been heav(i)y(er) lately, but these are distressing times. I am finally getting my mind back to normal, and am ready to progress, but I must say one last goodbye to an old friend of mine who did not make it through the storm. He was not a person, but still a breathing thing, lacking the ability to live, yet blessed with the ability to contain life. His name was "The Rise n' Shine." He was a fishing camp, and his place of residence was Grand Isle, Louisiana.

My brother took these pictures of The Rise n Shine, today. Rise n Shine lived to be about thirty years old. His was a tiny, some would say, "trashy" looking trailer, but he was a good friend, and housed thirty (almost twenty-four for me) years of good times. I have many fond memories of him, and my love of universal mystery comes from long nights in his dark rooms, listening to the ocean. I will miss him. My entire family (on both my father and mother's sides) have filled his rooms to capacity many times, eating fried fish and shrimp, fighting over which channel to watch on his fuzzy TV, and shuffling board games around his carpeted floor. He wasn't beautiful, but he had the kind of character you can't buy, and I will miss him dearly. My father always said his time was coming, and alas, here it is:

Goodbye, my old friend. You will be missed by all.

Well, I guess that's it from me from the grieving standpoint.
I sent in another three job applications, today. Someone is going to have to hire me soon, because I am stranded at home, because I am too poor to buy gas to leave. Thank God for my parents, and thank God for God, because it is good to be alive, and to sit in one's own room, and type at one's own computer, and listen to the artificial indoor breeze of one's own home. Many are not as fortunate, and my thoughts and prayers go out to them, and soon, if everything goes according to plan, my aid.
I hope you are all well, and I thank you very, very much for your comments and concern. I will try to get back to all of you, soon.
God Bless, and have a great night,


-E said...

Any loss is a sad one. A friend of mine moved to New Orleans to start law school at Tulane. He had three days of classes. They left at 2am a day before Katrina hit, so they were safe, but so many weren't so fortunate. It is sad. But it sure does make you all the more thankful for the things you do have in life doesnt it?

Nicholas said...

It sure does. A friend of mine is a med-student at Tulane, and he and his wife came to Baton Rouge this weekend to see my cousin's new baby (cousin's wife and his wife(also a friend)are sisters). Thankfully, they were here already when the storm hit, because they may have stayed, like many at Tulane did, otherwise.

Jordan said...

Thanks Nic for keeping us uptodate with your situation.

I'm really sorry to hear yalls place in Grand Isle. I've never had a long lasting trailer full of memories taken away from me, esp not like this. My thoughts and condolences to you and your old friend gone.

Charlie went/got all the way down there to take those?

You're being a good reporter I think on your circumstances and making yourself useful taking pictures with mind and cameras. Thanks Nic, and I pary you all are doing well and that you find a job in these stressing times. Things are a little worse for you and all than I thought, though we all need to still have hope I think, as I'm sure you do to. Sorry if I seemed preachy in my last comment.

All the best dear friend, God bless, and you have my heart and mind out there with you, if they're any help,


Nicholas said...

No worries, friend. Thanks for your encouragement.

Jordan said...

I'll try and figure out how "pary", :)