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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

NERD LIFE: A Nerdy Christmas

I think I am going to try a little something different. From now on, entries fall into three main categories- NERD LIFE, RANT LIFE, and PERSONAL LIFE. This should give a better idea of what the coming post will cover. Of course, every post is personal, but I think you know what I mean. Also, there will be combinations. Anyway, on with the post.
Are you excited about the big holliday, I mean... Christmas films? Sure you are. Don't lie to yourself. Secretly you're a tool of Hollywood just like the rest of us. We've already had some big films in the last few weeks, but there are still many ahead.
Arguably, the two biggest films are The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and King Kong.
Which one are you looking forward to the most? Personally, I am a huge fan of C.S. Lewis' Narnia books...which is why I am most looking forward to King Kong. I have a huge fear that TLTWATW is going to destroy its source material. Actually, I shouldn't have said "huge fear" because I actually don't care that much. The book means so much to me, I don't need anyone to show me their own visual interpretation, which is surely going to change details of the book that are important to me. That being said, I will probably see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe at least five times.
I am still looking forward to King Kong more than anything. Once again, I'm a huge fan of the source material. The 1933 version is awesome. It's one of the most fun movies ever made (I think). But it is 70 years old, and it's not so deep a story, so I don't mind a remake. If Peter Jackson proved anything with his LOTR films, it's that he can make big epic scenes look really good. That's what I'm looking forward to. I can't wait to see King Kong fight more than one T-Rex for several minutes. I'm not sure what the plural of T-Rex is. As much as I am a snob and hate every movie, I really like seeing pretty things that don't completely insult my intelligence, so I am looking forward to King Kong (and Naomi Watts...(drools)) alot. By having the simple expectation of seeing big things go boom, I think I will have a swell time.
HOPEFULLY, I'll be done with grad school apps. by then, and have time to go see both these films seven times apiece. Seven, because these kinds of films don't translate so well on the small screen, and I'll probably only watch them once or twice on video.
And that was my first NERD LIFE post.
I hope it fogged up your glasses.
I just noticed that by removing the first two letters of each word in the previous sentence, you get:
pe gged ur asses
Deep, man. Deep.


Anonymous said...

I'm making up a plural form of T. Rex....

T. Rexi? Like Cleti?

And, I want to see The Witch and King Kong more than anything! One of the seven times you go to see them, I'd like to come. weeeeeee!

Also, don't forget the Rent promise.

And, well, I don't even think I need to say what else....


-E said...

Oh I think Narnia will be good. Mostly it is more because I have deluded myself into believing they won't ruin it. Who knows. King Kong will be fun. but Naomi Watts isn't so hot in real life... And I'll leave it at that.


Nicholas said...

Bas: Nope. We don't have to say what else-but we SURE know what it is! YES!!! I went to Aunt Pat's to get a roast, today, and it was all I could think about.

E: To Narnia, I'm really, really scared they ruined it. I sure hope not, though. But I LIKE Naomi Watts-even though it seems like every roll she plays has to have her naked and hysterical. Her hands do look old, though, I guess. I still thinks she's the pretty.