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Monday, January 16, 2006

Another New Song

I've got another new song up here
I actually sing on this one, though this voice I sing in is a lil different from my regular voice, but you get to here me this time. The new song is "I'm on Fire"--it's an old Springsteen cover, but I change it up quite a bit. Anyway, hope it doesn't destroy your faith in mankind.
Oh, and SUPER thanks again to Jordan for spending his day recording, mixing, and advising my foolishness.


Jon said...

Dude, I really like the new song, a lot. I think it definitely reflected your musical tastes/appreciations (i.e. good 80's music) and it was well executed. I think the vocals were a little muddy in parts and could have used a little EQ tweaking, and the guitar loops seemed to get a little messy in a couple spots, but nothing too bad. All in all the biggest thing is you need me to do some back up vocals BAD! hahahaha, no but really.

Congrats on another job well done by the Datsun Duo. I know you guys are all about spreading the word on cheap japanese economy cars. Keep up the good work!


Nicholas said...

Thanks, man. I was actually surprised that the vocals came out as clear as they did, to be honest(considering the singer :).
I wish I could have used a loop for the guitar picking parts on this song--I definately switch chords too early about 1:30 into it--but we had to record that whole stretch live, and we didn't notice until we were too far along to take it back--then again, the more I listen to it, I think the early chord change there is just part of the song, and meant to be a bit abrupt. Of course, there were other spots before this that I was a bit dogdy in...
Remember that time you and I were riding back from some show in Denham or something with Amo, and we (you and I, not Amo) started making up awesomely dumb songs and harmonizing? We should start our own improv harmonizing troupe called Jicholas Leterson (or Non Poup). It would probably be the greatest thing ever invented, and we could totally ride around in a yellow Datsun and blare our sweet music from speakers on the roof!

-E said...

Ooo ooo ooo you're on fire :)

And hopefully have a good week.

Jordan said...

I like Non Poup, that's great.

R. Kelly man, R...I peed on your face Kelly.


Nicholas said...

E: Thanks! You also have a good one, yo!
J'Man: Our new version of "Trapped in the Closet" is going to add a whole new dimension to the concept of "art"!