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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spamming My Own Blog

I have two new tracks at that I am quite proud of. They are the first tracks I have posted that I have not only performed myself, but also mixed and recorded. Enjoy...?
Anyway, I realize that in the last month I have posted a travelogue, a video link, a concert review, and this.
So, some of you might be saying, "HEY! Where are the old school Nicsperiment rants!?"
Well, I definately have some brewing up. The deal is, I have been so uncharacteristically easy-going and happy these last few months, not much has been pissing me off.
There are a few things, though, so stay tuned for that.
Tentative rants include:

Are liberals and conservatives both insane?

Why can't I just be gay? Apparently my life would be perfect. and
Syrup? Food, or menace?

Get ready...?


Stacy Paul Vicknair said...

I'm ready...?

Anonymous said...

I'm baaaack. *winks* Apparently though, according to a few friends, I've taken over ranting where you left off. I have two new ones up, just by your request, today.

I need to get back to non-ranting and you need to get back to it! *chuckles*

Jon said...

niiiiiiice. hey go check out rob_the_canadian in my xanga subscriptions list for a recent tale of skullduggery.


Stacy Paul Vicknair said...

Oh, and I think it's better to ask, "Why wasn't I born female and straight?" then asking "Why wasn't I gay?"

Just MHO.

leslie said...

i've been ready for ever. hurry up.

Jon said...

I have a theory that ebay makes people evil. I think I'm right.