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Monday, April 17, 2006

I am very, very bad

I'm sorry! I have been completely absent from the blogging world for more than three weeks with no warning or explanation.
Well, here is why:
I have a girlfriend now. Her name is Crystal, and she is awesome. For the last three weeks, I have been mentally unable to get myself to blog. I just haven't had the ability to do it.
But even she (who, BTW, was a close friend of mine long before she became my GF. I feel like I need more Internet shorthand between these ( ). How about ZOMG, I am so hungry!) is getting on me to make my return, so here it is. I also really need to catch up on everyone else's blogs, too--I have been a bad blogging friend!
Well, I won't post a long rant about anything now because I want to read everyone else's stuff first, but I have really been thinking about this Muslim cartoon controversy, as well as how much both political parties have been pissing me off lately--which means I will probably blog about neither of those things!
Well, blog to you later, maybe tonight.


John T. Meche III said...

Hmm...Nick with a girlfriend. Kinda creepy. We shall have to hang out sometime. And not the ambiguous sometime...but a real sometime. Keep up the good work Nick. The paradox of a guy who is better looking and more interesting than me not having a girlfriend is finally at an end!

Stacy Paul Vicknair said...

You guys are trying to peer pressure me into this whole girlfriend business...

Welcome back though! Give the woman a rest every once in a while and do some blogging, and more importantly don't let your music suffer!


Oh, and congratulations? :D

leslie said...


and yay for nic, who finally blogged! you're awesome, too, but the all caps is usually just for awesome girls. you got an exclamation point, though. that's exciting.

Anonymous said...

You have joined...

the attached.


Congrats on the latest development and welcome back! The friends-first relationship development is amazingly wonderful...and amazingly scary at the same time. I love it when it works out that way. *grins*

Jon said...

Sup foo, I'm back from the wilderness, we should go for a walk sometime soon.


Jordan said...

Congrats man and welcome back!

Nicholas said...

Meche: Yes, Meche, we gots to get together. I still contend that you are cooler than me. I also am starting to think that every Lost theory I have heard is wrong.
Paul: Do as I say, not as I do-
Get me a sandwich! I have been recording like a fiend. I gotta get some of my music to you.
Leslie: Thanks for the ! That is pretty exciting. Also, please come kidnap the puppy.
Jess: True dat. It's an excellent combo.
Jon: Good news: The baby wasn't yours. You could still pitch in, though, you know!
Jordan: Thanks, man. Have you recorded that Neutral Milk meets Zachary stuff yet?

Jordan said...

go to
and listen to Drugs in your hair.