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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Sometimes it feels like we are caught up in a tornado we cannot control, even if it is we who helped start it. The thing about a tornado is, once it starts, it will only end on its own time, when it runs itself out, when God decides it is through, when those involved reach a point of rest. That is where the danger is. At least for me. I have always found it easy to have a way. I have always found it easy to a way. The thing is, patience is the key...if you forgive something or trust in faith that matters will get better but eventually tire of the rate of progress, even with yourself, you risk stepping from the shelter of patience and back into the storm just as it was actually dying.
Perseverance is the key, and we are supposed to persevere through faith. I find that these gaps in my patience, no matter how well something has progressed, are showing themselves to be holes in my faith. Which shows me how silly it is to think I am anything good at all...because I know at some point I will lose patience again.

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impatient page said...

this is exactly something i needed to hear. thank you for the edification and revalation. keep writing.