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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Surgeon General's Warnings Go Unheeded/A Strange and Incredible Coincidence No One Will Care About But Me

Last night I was thinking, Here I am at a Dredg show, and this sure would be nice except for one thing: all that horrible smoke in the air. What is causing that? Wait--everybody in here is smoking. Don't cigarettes cause cancer, various other diseases, and premature aging? Don't they create a horrible stink that covers everything around them? Yes, they do. And yet, why are all the 20somethings in here smoking when they should know better?
I don't really get how so many people can smoke cigarettes in this day and age. The packages they come in essentially say: THIS WILL KILL YOU. The guy standing in front of me, who was already shaking his long hair out repeatedly in my face in an irritating fashion, attempted to smoke and headbang at the same time. The cigarette flipped over and burnt his cheek, causing him to cry out and rub his face repeatedly...then he proceeded to pick his quarter-remaining cigarette up off the disgusting, foul-drenched floor, put it back in his mouth, and finish it. I never need to come up with an exaggerated image of how dumb smoking is because that guy did it for me.
How strange that three days after my first sleep paralysis event in nearly four years, Dredg comes to my town. Funny to read that old post and once again see how much my spiritual beliefs have come back around. Not that I ever left behind the Main Points. Just a few of the details.


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Nicholas said...

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